Friday, 27 January 2012


Okay so I'm ready to get started! Basically I like to write, I sometimes like to rant and almost all of the time I have something I want to talk about. Whether it's fashion critiquing (or attempting to) or talking about makeup, a film, a person, anything, this blog is going to consist of the 'little things' in life that make us, well definitely me, happy. I like to voice my opinion and I hope to be relatable. Im just your average girl with some form of fashion sense (I hope) some knowledge on makeup and everyday I decide I like things or I dislike them - pretty normal really! I don't really have many people in my life who I can talk to the really girly stuff about, because I could literally talk about it all day, so this is where I'll be coming to write about stuff that I don't get chance to speak about. I'lI contrast highly to the people who are almost too amazing to relate to, because I can't afford every amazing product out there, I'm careful with money, I sometimes make the wrong decisions with things I buy or do so I'm just pretty normal and I'm just going to write about my experiences! If it wasn't for my boyfriend my evenings would forever consist of creating virtual baskets online, of clothes that I could never afford or makeup I really want.I can't promise a pattern or theme, unless i just sum it all up by saying its just me. I like stuff and I like to write, so viola! Here we have it, me writing about stuff - Enjoy!

Note - I changed the name of this blog to something that relates to me more and is hopefully a lot less common than LiTTLE THiNGS was! I'm still getting used to it and looking for ways to improve my blog so if you have any tips let me know!