Monday, 9 April 2012

Highstreet Gems


I'm currently in the middle of sorting through all the makeup out there so I can do a huge haul and equip myself with a good quality set of makeup (any recommendations, let me know!) I've decided to start completely over again, but, whilst I was umm-ing and ahh-ing over certain products I noticed there are a couple of items that I would swear by, that I never want to be without in my makeup bag!

Okay so the first is a definite favourite, I've swayed a fair few friends into using this before and they all love it too - and for a drug store product, what can I say? It's great! Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara has been in my makeup bag for a good couple of years, although I have tried others (Currently using Rimmel's Glam Eyes - good but not amazing) I have always stuck to False Lash Effect. I'm not claiming to be a beauty blogger here - don't get me wrong! But the brush itself is so good it picks up every lash and it's big enough to coat your lashes with a good amount of mascara for an increase in volume, but as the combs on it are plastic they are sturdy enough to not stick together resulting in less clumps. You really do end up with darkened, lengthened and volumised lashes. Obviously they aren't as effective as actually wearing false lashes, but they're as close to it as I think you can get! I definitely recommend buying some and seeing for yourself!

Second is the first of two foundations; Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation is the newer of the two and a definite must have if you want a less costly fix of foundation! Although no drugstore foundation will give you the same quality as more higher end brands like Chanel or Este Lauder - these are good alternatives. The Wake Me Up product has a good consistency that will provide medium to high coverage, it covered up all of my blemishes and I found it easy to layer. If I was seeing my boyfriend in the day or nipping to  the shop down the road then a light layering is doable without looking too bare faced. If I was going into town shopping or out at night then I tend to add more, probably an extra pumps worth and this makes it more durable and last longer. The reason it's different is because it has a substance within it that glitters/shimmers, making your face look fresher more 'woken up' It adds brightness which is something I think a lot of foundations lack. Bare in mind that you won't look like a disco ball, when applied the brightening is subtle but definitely gives it an extra edge over other drugstore products.

Third is the 25 Hour foundation from Rimmel, I think this product is really good! It provides great coverage over the dark patches of skin I get under my eyes when tired, and over and spots or blemishes too. It too can be layered for thickness, I find that it covers my pores and imperfections as if they have been blurred out when just the right amount has been applied.The range of shades isn't too extensive but I find my skin colour hard to pick for because I tan quite easily. In winter I wear Ivory, and if I'm tanned then I go a couple of shades up. I used this before Wake Me Up came out and I think I will continue to have it in my bag as an alternative drugstore choice! None of these products are new and you've probably heard of them or use them, I may even be stating the obvious in this post but these are my experiences and my favourites.

I have yet to find my instinctive go-tos' in blush and other eye makeup so if you have any recommendations let me know! I love how experimental makeup can be, I'm definitely turning into a cosmetics whore so expect more in the future!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Miracle Oil?

A new beauty product has cropped up and people are going crazy. Well, that may have been an exaggeration but when I went to buy some online it had sold out in three separate salons! If I am honest I am slightly lying when I say that it is 'new' This particular product,  'Moroccan Oil' has actually been around for hundreds of years and is simply an Oil used by Moroccan women that has said to have been miraculous. It's so supposed to be brilliant for both skin and hair, literally God's gift to women! The actual oil is called Argan Oil, and comes from the Argan trees that are native to Morocco. It is one of the rarest types of oil because of the small proportion of Argan trees that actually grow, which explain why Moroccan Oil is pricey at £30 a bottle (or thereabouts depending on where you buy from!)
I haven't had the chance to use it yet but I will be sure to buy some in the next few weeks. For now (and for a cheaper option) I've chosen to use Lee Stafford's products containing Argan Oil, I bought them today from Boots and will be posting soon to evaluate and if it really is miraculous! At £11.99 can I expect the same results? I hope so!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I have decided I am a hat person. Hats are definitely one of my new favourite things. Admittedly, I look a little bit like I went to High School at St. Trinians. But nevertheless I love my hat, and I intend to buy more. Here is me being daft and playing around with my new hat.

My Sandal Spree!

So last week was by far the hottest week of the year, and it brought to my attention that despite having a few new pieces of clothing for summer, I have nothing that is even remotely wearable in terms of footwear.
You can imagine my peril when I was stood in my maxi dress, or my pastel coloured t-shirt dress and looked down at my feet to see horrible wintery shoes - big, thick, warm shoesy-type-shoes. Chunky leathers, thick suedes and laces and heels - pretty as they are, they are not ideal for summer!
So I went on a hunt, a sandal hunt.
I've previously owned a pair of Gladiator Sandals with gold suds on and lots of straps so I knew I liked this style. My shoes of choice which are now happily sat in my wardrobe waiting for more sunny days are these:

I'm very pleased with them because they are very comfortable, the leather and actual material of the shoe is of a good quality and they were only £30 from Asos! I did get a discount, but even without it they are such good value for money. I chose a plain pair with no jewels or detail because I wanted a pair that would undoubtedly go with everything I own - and these do.

I went on a trip into town  with my lovely Mum a couple of days later and although I wasn't intending on buying anything at all, I bought another pair of sandals that I was extremely surprised about! See these Urban Outfitters beauties right here?

Mine are pretty much the same! Except they were a steal for £12 and not £32. They were from Primark, somewhere I never ever shop, but I guess my Mum bumping into her friend and wandering in paid off because otherwise I wouldn't have found these:

I'm not going to lie, the Urban Outfitters pair will definitely be of a better quality - especially on the sole of the shoe but the upper material on both is real leather (Primark, you are surprising me here!) And although one is open toe and more of a sandal than a shoe, they are pretty similar. I love how the pink and green shades of leather have been worked in with the brown, and the cut out pattern is lovely! I usually don't condone Primark stealing styles and garments from other stores, and making cheaper versions, but I guess it is how they make their money! And a pair of cheaper sandals just for one summer - thats excusable isn't it?

Emma xx


Okay, I want this dress. I think I'm getting into the habit of 'If-I-want-it-but-should-be-good-and-save-my money-I'll-blog-about-it.' So this is another one of those posts.
But just look at it! The cross detail and the lace is sexy enough to be reminiscent of more grungey style of clothing - but that contrasts completely to the angelic cream colour of the actual dress. It's just so pretty. And yes it is a dress! Admittedly it looks like a very long cami top, but that would be because it is from the petite section in Miss Selfridge (and being only 5ft 2" I happen to fall into the petite category)At only £32 it is a very good price and at this very moment I'm sat umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to purchase it. It would be ideal for summer, and maybe even after - if you could took it into shorts or a skirt for when its a bit cooler (I don't know because I don't know how long it'd be)
Anyway, paired with a denim jacket and some gladiator sandals I definitely think this dress would look gorgeous. And to toughen up the pretty - you could always pair with some biker or cowboy boots and a leather jacket!
(The more I write, the more I am convincing myself to buy it)