Friday, 29 June 2012

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

So I heard that MUA are due to bring out another palette (maybe two, or am I dreaming?) in July and so a month ago I decided to purchase one of their palettes that has been out for a while now, so that I could kind of compare with the new one and sort of test the water to see what the quality was like. For the measly £4 it was I can tell you now that I am very impressed! I've had a good few weeks to try it and I generally think this is a great palette for a lover of neutral colours - there are multiple looks you can create and I just think it's brilliant for people who are perhaps on a budget or are just getting into makeup for the first time. For me, I was just being nosey and wanted to see what it would be like because I often ignore cheaper brands(Sleek, MUA etc, not meaning Maybelline etc!) especially ones that are available in Superdrug because I tend to shop more in Boots. I'd heard promising things from other reviews and wanted to know what the fuss was about!

Like I said, the packaging isn't amazing but all in the name of a low cost product!
These are the colours in daytime

The packaging is simple, it's a little cheap but then again it was £4 and you shouldn't expect anything too grand! There is also a lack of a mirror which I guess it what also keeps the cost down but would have been handy if you forget them from time to time like me!

I've also used the applicator supplied and it is rubbish, I'd recommend using a brush as its so much easier.

 An attempt at a close up of all the shades - my camera isn't brillant though :( Again, daytime version of the colours

The shades themselves are really well pigmented, they are also really good when it comes to blending but some of the darker shades take a little longer. When using a brush the eyeshadows tend to powder up a bit more so there is more of a chance of having some of the product fall onto your face when applying. I didn't find this for all of the shades but I'd definitely suggest tapping excess product off first before you apply. There are a good range of shades from really light to very dark browns, however you don't have a combination of matte and shimmer shades which again for the price is forgivable. I like shimmery shades anyway so that isn't a real negative for me! It's a shame that the shades don't have names, so I can't point out my favourites individually but I like the paler champagne colours for an easy all over lid and your warm browns or bronzey tones too as they work great on blue eyes (opposite of colour spectrum and all that!)

As you can tell, I've been using mine quite a bit! These are the shades under false lighting which is why they look slightly different!

I was going to blog about this sooner, but around the same time I got this, I got my Urban Decay Naked palette and although I do like this MUA one a lot, I was more excited about testing my Naked palette and have generally been going to that a lot more. I think that the quality of Urban Decay is unbeatable and their palettes are just must haves, however as a cheap alternative MUA are very commendable and I would still recommend this because for your money you're getting a great palette that fights a strong battle against higher end products!

Overall I will be getting a lot of use out of this, possibly when I travel or if I don't have my Naked palette with me. It's a cheap but really great alternative and I know I keep talking about the price but for £4 you can't really go wrong!

Emma xx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #2

I haven't done another of these for a while as I've been trying to be good and not tempt myself with things I can't afford! However I gave in and these are the things I'm currently lusting after

From bottom left clockwise...

Topshop Floral Backdrop Maxi Skirt - £48 I wouldn't pay this much for this skirt, it reinforces my current feelings that Topshop has gotten somewhat over priced. However this is so pretty, I'm fussy with florals and patterns as I prefer them more muted, not too bright or in your face but still pretty and this completely ticks those boxes. I've never tried a half short/half long skirt so again I don't know what it'd look like but judging from the images on the site I like it a lot, shame about the price!

Topshop Sunglasses - £16 I need some sunnies for my holiday and I think I'm going to get these. I like brown or black because they go with everything and I like the half frame that it has over the top, leavng the bottom halves free so they may look a bit less like they've taken over my whole face (which a lot of sunglasses tend to do because I have such a small face!)

Mulberry Cookie Long Lock Purse - £210 Ultimate dream item. I'm trying to persuade my boyfriend to treat me to a Mulberry purse or bag for my birthday/Christmas/any event that  presents would be involved in. I just thing they're so classy and pretty and the designer being ultimately British and yeah basically I just love it and want one so bad! If my boyfriend happens to see this, I'm not fussy on colour - brown black or the pink one ;)

Zara Skinny Jeans - I love Zara jeans as well as my all time favourite Leigh jeans from Topshop. They are jus super comfy and fit amazingly well. These are the ones I've seen in the store and they have a zip detail on the ankle

Topshop Blush in Neon Rose - £8 There is too much Topshop in this post I do admit. This blush is a lovely colour, I've never tried the Topshop blushes before so I'm intrigued and may purchase in the future.

Mulbery Oversized Tillie - £555 WANT. Gah this is gorgeous. I've only been looking in the Mulberry sale really as it's so expensive and I'd be scared of wishlist overload if I didn't. This Tillie though is gorgeous and I don't think there's any shame at all in buying it at a reduced price, I'd be proud at saving the pennies! It's on the list of things I'd looove from Mulberry but of course I'll have to wait it out and see if it comes into my life as a gift. I love the buckle detail and the colour and just everything about it really. Dream item. 

What are you lusting after this week?

Emma xx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Favourite Ever Blush!

This was the first 'high end' blush that I bought, it's Estèe Lauder Wild Sunset and I just love it. It's really pigmented, really smooth and just gorgeous. The colour itself is a perfect muted coral - bright enough to wear at night but can also be muted down to wear as an every day colour which I currently do. It's perfect for summer because it looks so flattering on tanned skin but I also really love it when I'm not so tanned because it just gives a really nice flush of colour to the cheeks. I think I'd say it would suit so many skin tones because it's such a complimentary colour, so adaptable. It has tiny flecks of gold shimmer through it, which aren't noticeable at all when it's on, they just add to the brightening affect and make your skin look healthy and vibrant which is often nicer than a matte finish blush because sometimes they can look dull. This again is why it's perfect for tanned skin in the summer as the gold flecks look amazing, I'll definitely be taking this on holiday! From the picture it translates as quite pink - but I assure you it's a lovely warm peachy coral toned pink! The MUA at the counter actually told me that she thought that this would be a pretty good dupe for NARS Orgasm, I don't own it so I couldn't tell you but I'm guessing the tone and quality are quite similar.

Wild Sunset is so pigmented but super blendable - I tend to apply it with a light hand depending on how much I want to wear but as a general point it is best to build it up rather than go all out straight away with it! It lasts for a good amount of time on the cheeks too, I'd say I've worn it all day and not needed to top it up. The packaging also is extremely classy and typical Estèe Lauder style, some people say that they're hard to open but I really didn't find that, I just think it's a really classy and sophisticated item to have floating about in your makeup bag. It comes with a little brush that is so soft and great for on the go but I tend to apply it with my usual larger blusher brush (I don't have an amazing one, just a cheap one!) The blush costs £23 which is pricey but it's the sort of item that to me is definitely a treat and as I don't go around buying blush like this every day I'd like to think I appreciate it more haha! 

I definitely want to buy more of the shades in this range, you get a generous amount of product and I believe it will last me quite a long time because you don't need to apply lots. I definitely recommend this if you're looking at high end makeup as an alternative to say a Nars blush. I love it and I can't wait to own more!

You can purchase it here directly from the Estèe Lauder site - they currently have a great offer on where any order above £30 is free and you get 4 free samples. You can also get it from Debenhams, Boots and places where they sell high end makeup.

Have you tried this product? What blushes do you love?

Emma xx

Monday, 25 June 2012

My Style: Shirts

These four tops are all recent purchases of mine and I think they represent me and the way I like to dress so well -this is my favourite style of top to wear and although there isn't much variation in colour (I'm not too daring with colour) I think they're all really pretty and can be dressed up or down for numerous occasions! I've worn all with either skinny black or blue jeans, leggings or skirts. I particluarly like pairing all but the first one with my leather pleated skirt from Ark. I think they're all a great way to be girly without being too OTT and going head to toe in florals or super-bright colours.

From L to R: Topshop Lace Collar Pleat Swing Top: £32, Topshop Chiffon Embellished Vest (This was a present) Zara Shirt with Peal Detail Collar: £29.99, Zara Leopard Print Long Sleeve Shirt: £29.99
My favourites are my newest collared shirts from Zara

 This is my favourite shirt - I love that it's 'leopard print' but not actually your traditional leopard print, just a print of leopard heads!  

 I really love beading and embellishment, studded collars and subtle prints are my favourite way to add something interesting to an outfit!
  The gold stud accents on this shirt add another level of detail that I really like! I also like that the pattern is continued on to the collar as well. 

 The embellishment of this top is so pretty, however I'm always concious of being really careful with it because they're so delicate and a couple have fallen off.
The lace collar detail here makes it slightly different to anything I've seen before, I love the pleats too which I hope aren't too grandma-ey (I really don't like that look!) The top itself is quite a baggy fit as there is a lot of movement in the pleats so I sometimes tuck in into tight jeans or a skirt to give my figure a little more structure!

Recently these shirts have become the base for many of my go-to outfits! They are so easy to match things with and create a pretty but classy look which I like a lot. All look great with my  leather jacket too which I love as it adds a bit of an edge to any outfit. I have many more shirts in my wardrobe but I chose these four as they are my newest and are generally a look that I think suits me quite well. I particularly am loving Zara for their shirts recently and if you're looking for something similar I would definitely suggest Zara as I think it's slightly cheaper than Topshop which can be a bit too overpriced sometimes!

What's your favourite style of top to wear? Do you like bright colours or are you more a lover of subtle understated prints or embellishment like me?

Emma xx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

L'Oreal Lipstick

L'OREAL Paris Colour Riche lipsticks are one of the best lipsticks I've ever tried in terms of 'drugstore'  lipsticks. The shade in this post is called 'Intense Fuchsia' which I think is absolutely right in defining the colour! I would describe it as a shocking pink that is very almost red, it has blue undertones too and is just the perfect colour if you want something bold and dramatic but girly too. 

 The pigmentation of this is so rich and intense, hence the name. You can't pussyfoot around this shade and build it up because it applies with all the colour intensity you could ever dream of. (But then again if you're choosing a colour this bright you probably want something dramatic and don't want to have to build it up anyway) I really like it as an alternative to a red lip, it's more girly and probably less sophisticated because of how bright it is but oh well! L'Oreal Paris say that this 'Colour Riche' shade is designed to add continuos moisture to the lips, and apply great colour without drying your lips out which I have to say I do agree with. It is built with a combination on Omega 3 Oils and Vitamin E to help 'protect your lips from drying.' I do find it quite moisturising on the lips and it goes on with a smooth application. It has a finish that is in-between matte and glossy - I think there a flecks of shimmer in the actual lipstick too however these aren't noticeable when it's on which is good. The flash in my images has made is look slightly sparkly which I assure you it isn't but as you can see it looks quite juicy, doesn't cling to any dry parts and just has a stunning finish. The only thing I'd say about this lipstick that some people don't like is that it can stain your lips, that is just because it is so pigmented and intense but moisturising too that it just sinks in! I personally don't mind this too much as I like lip-stains as well as lipsticks but when you just want to remove all your makeup and can't budge your lipstick then it does get irritating!

I quite like the packaging, it's not tacky like some drugstore brands, it's simple and pretty and generally looks nice in my makeup bag. I've used it here with just a rather plain makeup look, however I think it would look nice with champagne-y coloured eyeshadow, a bit of eyeliner and only a slight flush of colour of the cheeks - it's best to keep makeup simple when you have a bold statement lip.

Do you own any L'Oreal Paris lipsticks? Which is your favourite shade? I definitely think I'll be buying some more!

Emma xx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Style - New Boots

I bought new boots! And it is safe to say that I am in love with them, I haven't taken them off since I got them - do you ever do that with new shoes? I also keep them out when I'm not wearing them, just so I can look over occasionally with pride haha (Loser!) I mentioned these in yesterdays post and quite rightly these deserve a post of their own.

Anyway, to read this post you have to pretend it's not June... In my defence it was raining and cold and horrible and I've wanted new boots for ages. I wasn't planning on buying anything when I went shopping on Friday but I saw these and instantly liked them. They were originally £95 from Topshop, and had been reduced first to £50 and then to £30, which is more than half price! I was amazed at how much of a bargain it was and couldn't say no. They fit so nicely and are really comfy! The toe is rounded and the sole makes them look a bit like Chelsea boots and the leg part comes up quite high, to just below my knee. The heel is probably about an inch, they are flats but not so flat that you feel like you're in your slippers if you get me! I've been wearing them with cream long socks and leggings but I know they'll look great with jeans and skirts etc. They pretty much go with everything! Overall they are just a lovely pair of boots for daytime which I'm enjoying wearing now due to the horrid weather, but I'm sure I'll get the most out of them when it properly goes back to being Autumn and Winter! Definitely my best purchase of the year so far because I still can't get over how much of a bargain they were, I may have fallen back in love with sales!

As you can see they're like a darker than tan shade of brown, perfect because they're casual yet still look, in my opinion, classy and rather expensive!

I'm happy I bought these, and can see myself wearing them a lot. What's your best purchase of the year so far?

Emma xx


Quiff! Everyone loves a good quiff don't they? Well I do anyway. I have long hair that often gets in my way so sometimes I just pin the bits up that are nearer the front to give my face some breathing space (rhyme alert.) I like a lot of volume in the quiff and around the crown of my head just so it looks a bit more lively and full, as my hair when it's straight can go flat sometimes. I backcomb my hair a fair bit, but not enough that it's impossible to detangle later on (and it's no way near the amount of backcombing I used to do when I was younger and a full on greb haha)

Sorry for pouty face, I was being stupid! (Plus you can't see the top of the quiff but you get what it looks like)

This isn't actually my hair today as my hair today is refusing to behave, but a couple of days ago I wore my hair like this when I went out for a meal with my family. It was my cousins birthday and we went to an 'All you can eat' style restaurant and they literally had food from every culture imaginable, it was crazy! However I'm a bit weird with 'All you can eats' as I think there's so much food, so many contrasting dishes and smells and flavours that I never really know what to eat and I just end up not fancying much! So they all kept going back for more and I just had a main and a dessert, boring aren't I! I've not been up to much this week, just watching an insane amount of youtube and relaxing after my final exam was done on wednesday... It went okay, I'm just relieved they're all over! I also went shopping on Friday with my boyfriend's sister as she was in desperate need of clothes, I bought one thing and it was one heck of a bargain - I'll blog about it tomorrow because I think it's that much of an amazing purchase that it deserves it's own post! I love it when shopping trips are all-round successful not just for yourself but for whoever you go with, it means smiles all round! Tomorrow I'm seeing my Daddio and going to look round the exhibition at school with the boy and the family,

What have you been up to recently? Do you ever do this style with your own hair?

Emma xx

Friday, 22 June 2012

My Naked Palette!

So I may be a teeny bit late on the bandwagon here, give or take a year (lol). But apparently no blog is complete without a review of Urban Decays Naked Palette which I have been using every day since I got it! 

I won't go through every single shade because you may well have read about them before, but my favourites at the minute are: 'Half Baked' 'Smog' and 'Darkhorse.' I don't really have any least favourites or shades I don't like/can't wear which is a really great thing about this palette. They are all really wearable as subtle shimmery shades for daytime, or you can build up a really dramatic smokey eye for a night out. There's so many combinations and looks that can be put together with this palette so I definitely think you're getting your moneys worth. Especially since a single Urban Decay eyeshadow costs £14 and this palette costs £36 so you are getting a lot for your money! And if you run out either repurchase or just repurchase your favourites, it's a great way to try out new shades especially on a budget because I really do think it's great value for money. You also get an Urban Decay eyeshadow brush, and a primer potion which together also total £28.50 when added together, bargain!

Another thing I love is the packaging. I love velvet anything... underwear, blazers, leggings, skirts. Velvet is great! The only downside is that it can be harder to keep clean (but I am going to try super hard to!) The mirror is also extremely handy too, plus the actual size of the palette is great for travelling.

The mirror is rather large which is good, and the brush is lovely, soft and easy to work with too. As you can see the shades vary from dark to light with shimmery and matte variations.

'Naked' and 'Buck' are two of the matte shades, and I love the first shade 'Virgin' for a inner eye and brow line highlight.

I loved 'Half Baked' and 'Darkhorse' as a combination on the eye.'Sin' and 'Smog' are shades you might recognise from the 'Ammo' palette.

'Creep' and 'Gunmetal' are shades I like to use for lining the eye, or using for a really dramatic night time smokey eye.

As a lover of a neutral eye and one never to be too risky with my eye makeup this palette is perfect for me and I'm so glad I have it now. I can't even remember what I was putting on my eyes before this! I would say, if you're the same, that this is the only palette you could ever want BUT there is a naked palette 2 which I eventually want to invest in, and a couple of others out there like Stila 'In the Light' that I'm also keen to try! I know they won't be a waste of money because I get the most use out of palettes when it comes to eye makeup - I tend to lose singles or overuse my favourite ones and then run out too quickly so I think palettes encourage a bit more variation and just generally look prettier! Plus they're so much better for travel. I have a few Urban Decay palettes now and this one is by far my favourite.

Do you own this? What looks/shade combinations do you like to put together with this palette?

Emma xx

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I've been a little absent recently, and my reasons why will sound like absolute rubbish but once tomorrow morning is over and done with I am officially free from all exam stress and sixth formy stuff and I can happily blog without feeling guilty about it because I'm supposed to be doing something else! (Definitely me right now) Currently I'm revising for my A2 English Literature exam which starts at 8:45 tomorrow. Eek. However I've done so much over revision during the daytime I seem to have lost track of the days and it's crept up on me quicker than I would have liked! Chaucer, Othello and Dr Faustus are what's staring at me right now and I'm panicking slightly because I should be able to remember more quotes and critics than I do!
Last week I had my A2 English Language re-sit (hands up if you flunked first time cough cough) and I think it went okay! I revised a lot for that because it was a re-sit and I thought it would be a bit shameful to do badly twice. 
Also last week I spent the majority of my time finishing an art project/thing. Slowly but surely I aim to set up a little business on the side where I'll do paintings/drawings and whatnot for people. I want to exhibit my work too and generally just run a cute little arty shop where people can have a nosey and possibly buy some of my work. My boyfriends colleague asked me to do a painting of his 1 year old daughter so that took up a lot of time and effort last week as I really wanted to get that done! I may do a post about it on here and/or on my other Art blog, not sure yet! As you can tell, I really need to get organised now that I have the time to! I think in the end him and his wife really liked it so that was good. On Friday night we went to their's with some other people to watch the England match and I got to see my work had taken pride of place on one of their shelves which is a relief knowing that they were sort of showcasing it.
I  spent a couple of days last week back in at my Sixth Form putting up my work for their annual summer art exhibition too. It officially opens on Friday so I'll take a few photos - it's always a really weird moment seeing your work up like that. Pride I guess but I'm such a perfectionist I always focus on the bits I don't like, such a bad habit of mine! Putting your work up doesn't take that long but for some reason I was exhausted afterwards. 
I've also been shopping and my boyfriend treated me to the Naked palette! We bought things for Father's day which turned out to be quite a nice chilled out Sunday afternoon with my Dad.
Overall, I feel like I've done so much when to some people it probably sounds like nothing! I'm looking forward to the end of my exam tomorrow when the real relief of leaving school can kick in and I can truly relax. Maybe my boyfriend or parents will treat me (fingers crossed!) for now, I leave you with a bit of a promise for more posts in the future. I might make a Wednesday Wishlist post for tomorrow if I get chance!

Emma xx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


No that wasn't a typo, even though in my head I am pronouncing it 'Hot-ed.' 

I'm going to do 'Hair of the Day' posts I think. This first one comes with an apology for the quality of the picture, it's an instagram picture I took on my iphone when I liked my hair up the other day, after getting really frustrated with it not sitting right when it was down. Generally though, I like my hair. I tend to get more compliments on it than anything else, it's always been long and thick and over the years I've learnt how to tame it, style in and work with it in many ways. This first post is what I call a 'Ballerina Bun' It sits quite high on the top of my head and I used two bobbles and numerous hair grips to do this. Having such long hair means it gets on my nerves sometimes and on windy or rainy days or bad hair days I find styles like this the best way to get it out of my face. As you can see I still have a few whispy bits of hair around my face still, as I think that helps frame it. I also like to keep some volume in the bun and sometimes tease the roots of my hair so when I put it up it isn't stuck to my head. I love a bit of volume! 

What do you think? How do you deal with bad hair days?

Emma xx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

No7 Liplicious Moisturising Balm

I got this lipgloss/ balm as a gift from a friend, it isn't life changing, hasn't made me want to rush out and get another but I actually think it's a nice little product to keep in your handbag. 

I'm not usually bothered about lip-glosses, past experiences can only be described as uncomfortable sticky and gloopy messes. Plus I have such long hair and live in England, which sums up the whole hair in gloss situation that a lot of you are probably familiar with. 

Shade Caramel

However I really like this little product, it's dinky and cute in size and is just a nice thing to carry round when you think your lips need some moisture. It's shade Caramel which is a lovely nude pink with brown tones and a teeny bit of sparkle, so for days when you want something more glamourous than a bit of vaseline, it's perfect! It just adds a little bit more glamour to an everyday look which I really like.

My lips are quite coloured - for want of a better phrase. I have had people in the past ask me what lipstick I'm wearing when in all honesty I haven't been wearing any! I'd say my lips are a rosey pink colour, quite muted but natural (duh because it's skin Emma!) Anyway, for daytime looks I tend to work with the natural shade of my lips and just accentuate it a little with things like this, it adds a glaze look over the top, evens out the colour and genuinely makes them look a bit nicer! It also has spf 10 which is always great, and has made me think that I shall perhaps take it on holiday as it weighs next to nothing and there is no fear, like with lipsticks, that it will melt and be ruined. I have noticed that the packaging is different now, which is good because I hate squeezey tubes, I always squeeze to much out. So this has actually changed my mind and maybe think I'll try out the new packaging. As for shade selection, I don't think there's many. They aren't pigmented overly anyway because it's a moisturising gloss so it's more focussed on the scientific helping-your-lips properties than providing dramatic colour. I also think they're a tad overpriced at £10 from Boots, I'd think around the £7 mark would be more appropriate but then again the brand is reliable and the formula is good so maybe it's just me!

Overall a nice little gloss to bring to your attention! There are probably better ones in the world but I quite like this and I do think my lips feel nicer after I've used this.

Have you tried this product? Which are your favourite lip-glosses?

Emma xx

Estèe Lauder Advance Night Repair

This is my first post that comes under the category of skin care, I've only recently this year become interested in it so saying there are a vast array of products out there for me to try is an understatement! Before recently I would just use baby lotion or a face wipe to remove makeup, maybe sometimes a face wash but that's about it! I now know there's so much more out there. This product has changed my life, or slightly dramatically it's changed my face and outlook on skincare haha.

There is is second in from the right, This is from when I got the set.

Up close

I now am a firm believer that, there's no point in having nice makeup if you don't have a nice healthy looking base to start with -kind of like how an artist wouldn't use a saggy, bad quality canvas for a work of art (Not saying my face is a work of art or anything ha!) Now I try to keep my skin looking and feeling as good as possible, and it is definitely with the aid of this gem of a product.

Advance Night Repair is incredible. A bold statement I hear you say? Well yes, but one that I cannot emphasise enough how true it is. I got the ANR in my free Estèe Lauder makeup bag and although I currently only own a sample size (and I'm rationing it as I don't want it to end) it is enough to notice a massive difference in the texture and health of my skin. The bottle looks classic and elegant as every Estèe Lauder product does. My sample size opens with a screw top lid but I the larger ones come with a pipette in the lid for easier application.

What I do is pop a little of this onto my face after I've cleansed and toned and rub it in, particularly around the t-zone area where I get most build up of oil, dirt and yucky things. Sometimes I moisturise before and sometimes I moisturise after but honestly this serum is so nourishing anyway I probably don't need to.  You may be dubious about the fact it's a serum, about it's heaviness or oiliness but honestly it's none of those things. It sinks into the skin so easily and tackles those problem areas by reducing their ugliness. It's won awards in the beauty world for how god-damn good it is and I can definitely see why! I use this before I go to bed at night, and afterwards my skin feels plumper, juicier, fuller, healthier and looks so much nicer too because it literally is repairing my skin. It's so good for blemishes and spots as it works in helping them disappear and helping the skin recover. It reduces the appearance of past damage, prevents any future damage, is anti-ageing (not something my 18 year old self is too concerned with!) and it is extremely hydrating. I can't use enough adjectives to describe how good quality this product is and how much I want need to invest in the full size! 
The only downside is the price, the 30ml is £41, or for the full 50ml it's around £55. So expensive but so worth it, more worth it to get the 50ml too as you're getting an extra 20ml for around £15! Despite the price this will last such a long time - my teeny sample has lasted a month so far with me rationing it and I still have some left! It's also good to keep in mind that you are paying for a top brand product too and one that there are tonnes of reviews on since there was a hype about it a while ago. Some people have moaned about the smell but I honestly haven't even noticed it, if there is one then I don't find it to be making my face stink noticeably but the fact it isn't fragrant or perfumey is good - it emphasises even more to me that it is an untampered and pure product to be putting on your face. Best of all it works for all skin types - hence why it has won so many awards.

If you've never tried this product before, I urge you to! The difference in your skin is like instant gratification and with continuous use leads to a healthier and more hydrated looking complexion. I honestly need to stop writing now because I cannot rave anymore about this!

What are you skincare holy grails? Have you tried this? If you have any skincare recommendations let me know, as I have no clue what to buy!

Emma xx

Monday, 11 June 2012

MAC Lipstick

This was my first ever Mac lipstick and joint first Mac product that I ever bought! I got it from New York a couple of years ago and I've recently re-fallen in love with it. I can't remember how many dollars I paid for it but in the UK they retail for £13.50. I played it safe with my shade choice and opted for a nude cremesheen called 'Creme Cup' I'm unaware as to whether this is a popular choice in the Mac lipstick collection but to be honest they all are and people who love makeup generally have a lot of appreciation for all Mac lipsticks! As you can see it is a pale pink that has blue undertones with a hint of brown too, making it the perfect neutral. The blue undertones aren't exagrated which is one of the reasons I like it so much. It's more pink than is possibly translated by the picture but it still looks natural and I don't actually think there is a skin tone out there that this lipstick wouldn't complement. As the name suggests it's a very creamy formula yet it doesn't feel sticky. It can however feel a little heavy or thick but I don't mind this sometimes because it's how I can tell it's still there and I don't need to reapply! I like how it coats the lips, I find myself rubbing them together a hell of a lot when wearing this - I wouldn't say the finish was matte, more natural and well creamy (duh, as the name suggests again!) with a bit of shine. The pigmentation is good too, it allows you to layer it up for a more intense colour but even if you were to wear one coat it's still visible. The buying of this lipstick obviously resulted in more Mac lipsticks because they are so worth the money, such good value and the vast array of shades you get to pick from is incredible. Overall a think a Mac lipstick is a staple item in any makeup junkie's dressing table/makeup box/whatever you use! Which is your favourite? 

I have a huge list of Mac lip products to invest in, what do you recommend? What Mac lipstick shade is your favourite?

(ps I'm trying out a new font, new design and new header for my blog - is it any better. I can't decide what I want!)

Emma xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Davidoff: Adventure

So a few weeks ago I did 'My favourite perfume' post where I basically raved on and on about Black XS by Paco Rabanne. Today I'm going to do a similar thing but with my boyfriends perfume of choice 'Adventure' by Davidoff. It makes sense; he wears it everyday, I smell it everyday and it's just a really good signature scent for a man to have.

Firstly the packaging is nice, not attempting to be too manly here which is right up David's street as he doesn't like anything OTT, he prefers no fuss items like a lot of men do (I seriously cringe at men's perfumes that come in the shape of weights or a fist!) Secondly as you may have noticed; David...Davidoff. Yes, he might have chosen this because of the name (thank god that was a whim that turned out smelling good!) The bottle is simple, squarish with a silver metal top and you can see the product inside which I always think is a plus because you know when you need to repurchase. It retails for around the £20 mark to the £50 mark depending on what size or set you want to purchase. I have seen it at about £30 to £35 in Boots recently which is great value for money! It's not that expensive because it came out quite a while ago. You can also choose between a perfume and an eu de toilette - the eu de toilette tends to be stronger as it's for aftershave purposes. It hangs around longer but in my opinion both smell good!

From a girl's point of view, the way your boyfriend smells is so important and as for this perfume you can't really go wrong. It's so, so nice - practically irresistible (in a good way!) The base notes are cedar wood, white musk and vetiver with top notes of mandarin, lemon, black pepper, bergamot and mate leaves. I think when my boyfriends wearing it I can't really pick out one key scent which shows that its a good blend of all of them but generally I would say it's citrusy with a bit of spice and wooden undertones.

It lasts quite a while, David will spray it at 8 when he's getting ready for work and I'll still be able to smell it when he comes home.
I don't know whether I'm biased towards this product because my boyfriend wears it... but I do think it's a gorgeous, sexy scent on a man. It's not musky and it doesn't have that sort of in-your-face vibe that some mens products do (Lynx, I am looking at you)It's understated but the sort of scent that you want to keep smelling! (Crazy girlfriend here, guilty of stealing the boys hoodie because it smells good!) If you're wondering what fragrance to get your boyfriend or even just a male friend I would definitely suggest this.
(Plus Ewan McGregor on the advertising campaign, yum!)

Which male scents do you like? Any that you could recommend giving a whiff?

Emma xx

Review: Estèe Lauder Double Wear

So Double Wear is a long lasting, medium to full coverage foundation that provides a soft and smooth finish that is somewhere between natural and semi-matte (without looking heavy or cakey) I'd be lying if I said I wasn't obsessed with it and hadn't got my friends to become obsessed too! When wearing this foundation I get so many compliments on my skin and I personally when I first tried it was astounded with the finish, which felt and looked so smooth and flawless (I couldn't stop looking at my skin, or stroking random parts of my face haha)
It retails at £26 at Boots where I got it from and to find the perfect shade for me I got the girl working on the beauty counter to match me. I am Ecru which is fairly pale but with neutral pigments as I tend to have skin on the more olive-y side (especially when I tan!) The girl said I could have been Bone as well, which probably is true and I'm considering getting that one as well for days when I have a bit more colour. 

This foundation looks classy as soon as you set your eyes on it. The frosted glass bottle, the gold lid - it all just screams elegance and luxury. I wish this had a pump for easier control of how much product comes out, but at the same time I wouldn't want to change anything about the packaging because it's so pretty.

You really don't need a lot of this foundation at all when it comes to applying. I'd say a pea-size covers my face for everyday wear and if I was going anywhere where I wanted to look extra flawless I'd possibly add another coat. You can add quite a bit of the product and still not look cakey or like you're wearing anything on your face. I find that it looks really natural, but semi-matte in the sense that it controls shine. I find that it is truly a 'my skin but better' effect, it minimizes my pores and evens out my complexion. My only niggle a this is that I wish they did a version without spf so I could wear it for photos! I haven't had that bad a problem so far but I'm always self conscious of ghost-face if I have this on!

The coverage is great! I would say it is medium to full - you can definitely build it up which is brilliant because it feels so light and dries quickly on the face. Some people have said they had problems with it oxidising, but I haven't! Maybe it was their shade or the light? Other people have claimed this is too heavy to wear everyday - I disagree here too. I have Revlon Colourstay and Mac Studio Fix and it isn't half as heavy as either of those two! For a liquid foundation this is great because it doesn't feel like it sticks to your skin, or that you have to powder over the top to reduce shine.

People have said that you have to be careful when applying this because it dries so quickly. A bit over dramatic I would say but it does dry in the sense that you don't have a wet sticky feeling for a few minutes after like with some foundations. I do my face in sections after applying moisturiser and concealer and generally like the fact it dries quickly because it means I can get on with other parts of my face! Double Wear also claims to last for 15 hours - I'd never keep foundation on that long anyway but it does last for the whole time I do wear it which is between 6 - 10 hours of the day! I never really retouch it either. It's also non-transferable which is great because I hate having to get foundation stains out of the collars of my shirts!
I honestly cannot rave about this foundation enough. It's perfect for me! I am looking to try the Double Wear Light, possibly for summer. But for now thats it. A bit of a long winded one from me (sorry!) but an honest and thorough one all the same.

Do you like Estee Lauder foundations? What's your favourite foundation at the minute? Can you recommend a good foundation for nights out with guarantee of no ghost-face?!

Emma xx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Review: Benefit's 'Bad Gal Lash'

I'm going to be honest here, I've never owned any Benefit makeup! Shocking, I know. So when I heard about their collaboration with Glamour magazine I had to buy all 3 issues for all 3 freebies and test away! As you can see, my favourite was this mascara.

Here I am demonstrating the mascara, I think it coats the lashes really well and also elongates them quite a bit. It feels very drying which means theres less chance of ruining the rest of your makeup by blinking which I always hate.  The mascara applies quite thin coats to the lashes which allow you to build up how dramatic you want your lashes to look. The wand has a bristle brush at the end which I admittedly aren't usually a fan of because they look quite daunting and sometimes are too generous with how much product goes onto my eyelashes (clump central) but this one is quite gentle on the lashes whilst managing to pick them all up in application and so far while I've been using it I haven't had any clumpy-mascara disasters. After it has dried the lashes feel very soft and feathery, however I felt I had to apply a lot to achieve the effect I had in the picture.

I've tested this out over a couple of days and while I think the the finish is great, I think I prefer mascaras that are a bit more wet on application, I find that this takes quite a few goes to make a significant difference (some people may prefer this but I feel it wastes product!) It doesn't compare to my False Lash Effect so I don't think I'll be buying the full size but it was nice to have a mini for such a low price.

As with any product from Benefit, the packaging is really cute. The black and pink theme is consistent and I like the silver top on the actual product. I'm now interested to try other mascaras from benefit, as the newest one 'They're real' is also supposed to be great - that one has a rubber/plastic brush for application which I prefer so maybe I'll try it! I'm also interested in trying a Dior mascara, their latest one is next on my list!

What do you think to high end mascaras? Is it worth the money for a full size or do you prefer this mini? What do you think of Benefit mascaras?

Emma xx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Topshop Lipstick Anyone?

They keep adding more and more shades to the line and in turn I keep buying them. Gah! I recently bought Whimsical and Infrared.

So the one above is 'Infrared.' It's a lovely orange toned red that I enjoy wearing because it's so different to anything I have ever tried before. (I have to apologise for just how pale I look in both these photos - foundations with spf in them are so annoying!) Anyway, when I've wanted a more dramatic lip colour in the past I've chosen a shocking pink or a red so this is different for me. It's very pigmented which is good and the texture is creamy but not too wet which I like. It gives a really nice finish - kind of matte but with a shine to it. It's very bright but as I was standing next to a window in the photo it is probably looking it's brightest and I'd say that in other lights it's not this shocking. You can wear this day to day to glam up a simple outfit or use it as a dramatic lip colour for a night out. It looks lovely with slightly flushed cheeks and a champagne colour eyesadow.
I find £8 per lipstick quite reasonable for this lipstick because the pigmentation is brilliant. It's not the most long lasting but definitely worth the pennies spent. I really like this lipstick and I've been reaching for it a lot recently, I'm definitely developing a love for orange lipstick!

This shade is called 'Whimsical' I ordered this from the Topshop website and personally think the colour representation on the website isn't quite true to what it really looks like. I thought this would be a lovely subtle nude-pink shade, slightly peachy that I could wear everyday. It's more pink than I expected and a lot brighter. I'm indecisive as to whether this actually suits my skin tone but I'm working with it for now! I love the packaging of the lipstick, as with all Topshop makeup the products physically look good (but get so dirty and are so difficult to clean!) I found this lipstick to actually cling to the drier parts of my lips and the crease and lines on them kind of were made more obvious by wearing the lipstick. It's not my favourite and I think if I were to go back and buy another Topshop lipstick I'd probably choose the more dramatic colours and not the neutral/nude ones because I think the formula and wear of them is slightly better. I'm going to keep trying this lipstick to see whether I grow to love it any more but at the minute I'm still looking for another everyday lip shade that acts as 'my lips but better' which I don't think this is. I think for the price you could get a better lipstick than this, better in shade and in the consistency.

What do you think of Topshop lipsticks? Which shades do you prefer? Does anyone agree with me that paying a bit extra for a MAC lipstick would pay off more than buying other cheaper brands?!

Emma xx

Friday, 1 June 2012

Review: Cheap and Cheerful Mascara

So I have a vast array of mascaras, and I'm always open to trying new ones wether they are high end or slightly on the cheaper side. Some of the best mascaras I use are more on the affordable side of the market which is why I think that it's not vital to own the most expensive one available - there are other mascaras out there that are just as good if not better!
Today I'm telling you about the NYC High Definition Volumizing mascara, which retails at £3.99 and you can get it at Superdrug in the UK. This isn't one of the most talked about or popular drugstore makeup brands but I used it one day on a bit of a whim and I've found myself reaching for it more, and time and time again being impressed with the result.

So the wand is quite thin, with plastic/rubber bristles at the end rather than the more bushy looking fibre based ones that some products have. I think this is really good that the brush is plastic as the individual bristles are less likely to stick together and they don't get clogged up with too much product, due to them being stronger. Because of this you are less likely to end up with clumpy lashes or too much mascara on your lashes which can feel quite heavy. However a generous amount of product is still be applied to the lashes with this wand. The plus side of it being quite a thin brush is that you can get the smaller lashes that are quite hard to catch usually - the adds volume to your lashes and gives the illusion of more.

The aim of this mascara is to define and volumize, and for me I can definitely see the definition, making me look as though I have way more lashes and that they are considerably thicker yet still natural - a tick in the box for me! However a key feature of this mascara that I have found is that it actually lengthens my lashes too - after a few lashings of the product my eyes look wider and more open not only because my lashes are more defined, but because of the extra length. And I'm talking having-to-not-blink-until-they're-dry-cause-they're-too-long length! This is always a plus for me because my eyelashes are naturally curled, but always need a boost for the length.

After a few hours of wear it does tend to dry up, not to the extend of becoming flakey but the finish you get after applying doesn't last for more than a few hours - a definitie downside but at less than £4 I'm not too fussed. The lashes can feel quite hard if you apply too much which is okay because it keeps the shape once it's dried, but obviously isn't nice or soft to the touch. However I do think for what you pay it's great value and I'd consider getting another in the future.

So we have volume? Yes. Lash definition and separation? Yes. And a length boosting bonus? Yes. It definitely ticks all my boxes! All in all if you're looking for something cheap and cheerful, and don't mind the garish orange packaging then go out and get this! I'd definitely recommend :)

Emma xx