Thursday, 19 July 2012

Liz Earle Series: Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Another post in my Liz Earle series, another product down! I've had these things for a while now and definitely feel as though I now know enough to evaluate the effects they are having on my skin.

Toners are a bit of a sketchy subject for me - I haven't tried many and honestly that is because I didn't really believe in them. The one I was using for ages before I invested in Liz Earle was a Garnier, I can't remember which right now but it was in a blue bottle - maybe I'll do a post about it because it was a very good product.

However this post is dedicated to the Instant Boost Skin Tonic from Liz Earle. So far I like this but I can't honestly pin point or say I notice any precise differences in my skin. I know for starters it doesn't claim to be a toner, which is something I probably missed when buying because I do enjoy the feel you get after using a toner, that fresh 'toned' feeling (tried to think of another word to describe effects of toner other than 'toned' and failed) However this naturally active liquid formula is interesting in it's own way and gives a pleasant effect. In terms of ingredients this is a specifically an all natural product, which contains no alcohol which I think generally makes it better for your skin because it's less harsh. It also contains calendula, chamomile, cucumber and natural source of vitamin E to sooth and refresh the skin. I cant argue that it doesn't feel soothing and refreshing on my skin, it is nice to give your skin a treat once in a while but in all honesty I can't really define the benefits that it's given me so far apart from that it's refreshing to put on and smells nice - for that I could have splashed some scented water on my face and voila - same effect! Compared to my Garnier toner, I don't feel as though it tightens pores which is a negative for me, however it does seem to add some moisture and is probably doing good things for my skin but no drastic changes as of yet. A lot of toners can be drying on the skin (I did my research lol!) and this one definitely isn't, I guess if you use Cleanse and Polish, then the Liz Earle exfoliator it is  a great way of adding some moisture back into the skin and soothing it after a deep cleanse and scrubbing at removing all the grime and dead skin cells! The 'Instant Boost' that it claims to have is there in terms of being a great refresher but I guess I just expected more from this product. I do love the floral scent and the packaging, and if you have money it's a nice product to own, a treat for the skin, but if you're looking for specific results i.e. tighter, smaller pores, blemish control or something else then I would probably look elsewhere.

Overall a mixed review, this product has both good and bad points - I guess I will have to further update you on this as maybe I need to use it for longer to really notice the benefits - a contrast to the beginning of this post I know but I'm not going to give up on this product just yet! 

Emma xx

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