Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Estèe Lauder BB Cream

Or if you want the whole full name she-bang then Estèe Lauder Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Cream SPF 35. I don't think I'd say it's exactly a secret that Estèe Lauder are fast becoming my favourite makeup brand. They have a foundation that suits your every want and need - whatever the style of finish, they produce blushes and bronzers in amazing shades that are so goddam pigmented and lovely and their eyeshadow palettes are some of the most beautiful things I've ever set my eyes on. But now knowing they've changed my ideas about something I'd never thought I'd want to spend money on confirms it - they're incredible!

I was on a trip into town, after a bottle of Double Wear in a darker shade (Ecru is far too light for me now!) and unfortunately they didn't have much stock in of the shade the MUA matched me to (which is Desert Beige.) She gave me a few samples of the BB Cream to keep me going and although a little disappointed at not getting any Double Wear, I was intrigued and glad I had not left empty handed. A couple of days later I teared open my sample of the shade 'Light' and a couple of hours later here we are, with me liking it so much that I went on and wrote a full-blown blog post about it.

I wasn't expecting much as my previous experience of BB creams hasn't been that wonderful. I've tried Maybelline, Garnier and L'Oreal and have been disappointed with all of them. They felt too greasy, went patchy after a while, weren't long lasting and the shades weren't brilliant. I never expected the amount of coverage that I like (medium-ish) but even the best of the three (Maybelline) didn't give me enough confidence in my skin to wear it on it's own out of the house. In actual fact I took my samples of these on holiday and shoved them on for some light coverage and SPF during the day! However, back on the topic of Estèe Lauder, I was certainly intrigued as I'd never tried a premium brands version of a BB Cream. I can tell you now that it's a dream to apply, it feels sort of thick but soon melts into the skin whilst giving a nice amount of coverage. I applied it with my Real Techniques expert face brush and could only stare at the mirror as it effortlessly glided onto and into my skin making it radiant, even and healthy looking. For a sheerer coverage I'd suggest using your fingers, but I was happy with the result of this and thought finally I've found a BB Cream I actually like! I love the smell of it too - it smells like all their DayWear products do with that sort of fresh cucumber scent, but sweeter, which I really like. This BB Cream is oil free which is really nice - it makes it slightly thicker and in my opinion more long-wearing and so it'll probably tick the boxes of the oily-skinned girls out there. The Anti-Oxidant part sounds good to me too, the added vitamins and protection against UV rays give it an anti-aging factor and generally helps to keep skin healthier. What more could you want?

The only downside is the shade range, there is only Light and Medium and although I think there is something in this that changes to suit your skin tone to some degree, I don't think two shades is enough to suit everyone's needs. Something else you could argue isn't so great is the price - at £32 it's very expensive and something I'd definitely recommend you try before you buy. To someone who is familiar with high-end makup prices maybe it seems more reasonable, or expected. But to someone who has just come across it, it may feel a little unjust to splurge out that much for 30ml of product. My eyes also may have reacted to this a little, so if you have sensitive eyes then I'm giving you a heads up - don't get it in your eye. I had to wait ten minutes before resuming my makeup because my eye was streaming that much!

Overall another great base from EL. Definitely one to take a look at if you're considering a BB cream and want to splash out a bit. At 30ml I would say this should last you a while but then again with my higher end products I tend to use them more sparingly than other people do because of the price! If you've tried this, or any others you think are worth a mention let me know!

(Here are some images for the visual side, but I apologise as my camera has broken and these are phone quality (Crap quality!) images.)

 These photos are horrible and I don't think they do the product justice! You can see that the finish is natural thought, with a radiant glow that borders on the dewy finish. I have used Estèe Lauder blush in Wild Sunset, filled in my brows but not wearing any other makeup.
 Straight on. This has more sunlight in the picture so I look paler somehow. And my eyes look drunk. I hate this picture. I apologise for the bad images ! 

Shade Light. I am tanned but my face isnt that dark. My hand doesn't look that orange IRL I hope.

Emma xx

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