Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

Sometimes it's nice to post something a little different and so today's post includes a music video! The song is one me and my boyfriend are both obsessed with at the minute, after hearing them perform an acoustic version (pretty much sounded the same!) at Reading festival on the telly. Of Monsters and Men are a Swedish folksy alternative band that do indeed use trumpets in their songs. They got big by entering a Swedish battle of the bands type competition and actually won it - this song has reached no1 over there and I expect there will be a massive influx of love for them in Britain soon too! This song is so much fun and although the video is a little crazy (what the hell is going on?) I just can't get enough of how upbeat it is, serious feel good song! I like a lot of music like this, they have apparently been hailed the new Arcade Fire and I find them similar to Band of Skulls in a way too - It's probably just the guy/girl duet but I really like it! Some other of my favourite bands are Mumford and Sons, Bombay Bicycle Club and the Bens' (Howard and Francis Leftwich) so as you can see these fit right in. Enjoy!

I'm not doing much today because of the rain, it's more a 'preparing for other days' day as I really need to get the rest of the week sorted! I plan on seeing a couple of friends later on this week and I have to make a trip into town too which I'll probably do tomorrow. This is my last lazy day for a while I hope!

Emma xx

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