Sunday, 19 August 2012

Paying Homage to Topshop Boots

So Autumn is approaching, quicker than us here in England would hope and although I just got off my holidays, I've wasted no time in realising I have nothing to wear especially in the foot department. So what did I do? Scoured the web for the latest trend in footwear and found a stunning variety of footwear to impress? Well not exactly. I headed to my (and everyones) old faithful Topshop and fell in love with about six pairs of boots. Black, brown, studs, chunky heels, flats, ankle and knee high Topshop have undoubtedly outdone themselves yet again this year and I'm determined to own them all! I find Topshop footwear such good value for money, especially anything made out of leather. My only problem is finding them too pretty to do anything with other than stare at, but I'm sure once I own the ALVINS or ACCOSTS in black I'll get over that and be strutting around like nobodies business.
Here are a few of the boots I've been eyeing up, with some kind of comment from me beneath although really you only have to take a look at them to see why I'm so keen!
'APOCOLYPSE Studded Heavy Boots' And here's the theme, ankle boots, black, bit of a heel, a few studs here and there to toughen up any outfit. £85 isn't a bad price either and I really like these.

ALEXY. Topshop have brought back an old favourite here and I don't want to miss out this time! A recycle of the ALLEGRAS I loved those before and like these ones even more. The heels thick and high enough to be dressed up and worn out but they can be casual enough for day to day use. Gah, heart = sold.

These are also firm favourites, the ACCOSTS. I like the studded fronts, it's more subtle than the APOCOLYPSE and the heel is higher, making them slightly more girly and versatile as they could be worn in the day or at night. I think they justify the £90 price tag and I can literally see myself in them now.

Slightly cheaper at £40 this pair of MILLICENTS are gorgeous. Again with the studs (noticing a theme?) I love the contrast with the gold as to me it seems a bit brighter than on the other boots. I would definitley buy these as I am a lover of flat shoes - you can't fault comfort - and I would like to think I'd get a lot of wear from these.

I am obsessed with these ALVINS. Their a definite statement boot and I love the buckle detail as well as the studs on the front. Again the heel is a decent height and just generally are a beautiful pair of boots.

Finally something a little different! Some of the above pairs come in brown but this is the first that I actually prefer in this colour. I love western style boots and these are really nice to just throw on and instantly add more style to any outfit. I'd love a pair of brown ankle boots as well as a pair of black and these could well be the ones.

So as you can see a lot of choice. I'm just hoping none sell out before I've decided which ones to spend my pennies on. It's safe to say though if you're after new boots you need not look any further than Topshop.

Emma xx

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