Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #4

Feels like ages since I've done one of these but I have been on holiday! Just a few things that have caught my eye...

1. Estèe Lauder BB Cream. £32 A full sized one of this would be lovely but I may wait until I'm a bit richer until I splurge out! I'd rather buy a foundation as that is more of a necessity, it would be nice to have other options than wearing the same things on my face everyday and this would be a nice break from more coverage foundation.

2. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. £33 I need to try this, after having seen people wearing it and loving how good their skin looked I definitely have a lust for Laura. It'll be the next foundation I buy!

3.Michael Kors Chronograph watch. £209 I'm not one for watches or jewellery that's too blingy or in your face, so a nice humble leather strap would suit me best I think! As much as I do like the wholly gold or rose gold watches I think this is the most -me- and it's definitely something I could wear everyday. You never know I could have a change of heart and go all 'need some gold on ma wrist' on you but I think the pretty diamonds in this is enough! It's expensive though so I'll have to keep whipping out my best smile whenever anyone asks what I'd like for my birthday...

4.Topshop Dress £75 This is gorgeous. I hate using this phrase but for the second time I'm going to say it's so -me- I love the leather look detailing on the collar and cuffs, and the lace and then the gold chain on the collar and then the slight hint of girlishness in the underlayer of a muted soft pink. It's just gorgeous but again like the watch it's so expensive, I'd never pay this much for a dress myself unless I was earning loads or had a special occasion to justify it, but it's so pretty!

5.Topshop Holdall Bag £48 I basically spend half my life at home and half of it at my boyfriends so I'm forever moving the stuff I need (macbook, makeup, clothes, shower things) between the two! I've been thinking about getting a larger, sturdier bag for this reason as my current ones are so awkward to carry when they're full to the brim of my life and I love the stud detailing on this number.

6. Silence and Noise dress from Urban Outfitters £55 This is a really nice statement peice for A/W. With bare legs and black ankle boots it would look nice, but it would also look good dressed up with some jewellery and maybe block colour big shoes. I love that it's a take on the popular oversize t-shirt dress with a dipped hem/cape back kind of thing but the sheerness over the shoulder just makes it that tiny bit edgier/more stylish. I love it anyways!

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