Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Walk Tall

I hate the fact I'm smiling in this picture -cheesey- and I also hate my smile uh so lame. But anyway, this skirt was from Ark a while ago, it's one of their fuller chiffon ones and does look better with tights! My belt is from Primark and I believe it was only £2, and my shirt was from Zara and was £29.99 I love the fact it's leopard print, but a totally unique way of sporting the leopard print trend. I do have a thing for shirts and my favourite way to wear this one currently is with leather look leggings and boots! I rarely wear any bright colour so the oxblood tone of the skirt is perfect, it's slightly short here but I do have to hitch it up a bit seeing as I'm about 5"nothing haha. My hair looks massive and I didn't realise until now but you can see my photographer boyfriend in the window! I must learn to take them by myself in my own time as I always feel so awkward whenever anyone else takes a photo of me - hence the cheesy/awkward grin! It was quite warm when this was taken, otherwise I'd be wearing tights and it was a pre-holiday snap too which means hello palest legs ever!

Emma xx

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