Thursday, 6 September 2012


So a few weeks ago I watched Britains Next Top Model and Whitney Port had the most amazing hairstyle, two braids sat like a headband on the top of her head and the rest of her hair was styled into a low side bun. She said on her blog she had taken inspiration from Princess Leia from Star Wars, but given it a modern twist and I completely agree. I tried to recreate it the other day and loved how it turned out so I had to share! It felt like a really pretty hairstyle to have in and could definitely be dressed up or down and worn for many occasions.

To achieve this style after I had washed, dried and brushed my hair I did two plaits using some of the hair from lower down, nearer to my neck as it's the longest length and would be long enough to act as a headband. I used a small amount of hair because I didn't want the plaits to be too thick or too thin. I did regular plaits although fishtail plaits would look pretty too. After this I pinned them to my head a couple of centimetres away from my hairline and secured the end of the plaits to the opposite side - if that makes sense! I then teased the rest of my hair to add some volume to it, sprayed a bit of hairspray and made some sort of bun-like shape near to my ear.  I didn't use a donut as I wanted it to look slightly undone and loose. I added lots of hairgrips to keep my hair in the bun. To make it look even more casual I pulled a few strands of hair to the front to frame my face and add that messy look that my hair often has. It's a casual way to do an 'up-do' and I like it lots.

It took a lot of hair grips to keep this look in place and the plaits took a few goes to get right but I was quite impressed with the result! Funny how good you can feel when your hair goes right!

Emma xx

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  1. Just been flicking through your posts! I LOVE this look, so pretty!