Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Naked 2 Palette!

So yes I'm late to the game, and yes maybe the Naked palettes are one of the most blogged about things  in blogging history BUT, this is kind of -my- online-beauty/style-journal and I wanted to document it anyway! I got this not long after I got the first one and I'm so glad I did, I don't know if I need to buy any eyeshadows ever again? It basically completes my neutral eyeshadow collection and for daytime looks, night-time looks I don't think I need anything else - it's just so versatile! 

So lets get up close and personal with the Naked 2 palette. You have a variety of warm toned and cool toned shades, taupes, matte shades and shimmer shades and they are all so soft, so finely milled and so blend-able that they are just lovely to use. They are also all so pigmented that you apply Urban Decay eyeshadows with such confidence, I hate eyeshadows that look a bit wishy-washy and take a real effort to apply and this is definitely not what Urban Decay are about. The only shade that is the same as the original palette is Half Baked, which I personally would never complain about as it's one of my favourite shades and one of my most worn ones this summer, but a lot of people may be grumpy about UD repeating any shades at all! Foxy, Verve and Bootycall are lovely for a brow bone highlight or even in the inner corner of your eyes. I love Chopper for it's slightly pink tones and pretty shimmer and a pair I love wearing together for a subtle smokey eye are Suspect and Snakebite. I like that there's a grey toned shade in Pistol - which is more wearable than you think grey would be and it goes lovely with Blackout for an intense metallic smokey eye for a possible evening look. I love Blackout to define the eyes, and add shadow too, the inclusion of a matte black may possibly make this palette slightly more wearable than the last. 

Overall I think my favourite shades this time round are: Snakebite, Suspect, YDK and Blackout.

There aren't any shades I dislike but I do get the least wear out of Foxy and Busted! Foxy because it looks too much of a pale yellow on me, not a natural highlight and Busted because I don't tend to wear purple shades as I find more neutral shades look better with blue eyes.

My new camera picks up the detail in the shades so well and you can really see the texture and exact colour of the eyeshadows. (This is my new toy and I'm loving it!) The brush that is included too is also really good as it's double ended, one end for precision and the other for blending. I don't use any other brush! On it's own it would be worth £14, so considering the palette is £36 and Urban Decay individual shadows are £13 then I think the palette is such good value for money! (However if your budget can't stretch this far then a cheaper alternative would be the Heaven and Earth palette by MUA - £4 and really similar!) 

I get so much use out of both my Naked palettes that I am so pleased I bought them - definitely worth the money and brilliant for a creative-but-not-adventurous-with-eyeshadow person like me! They would make a lovely gift and will last for ages so if your uhm-ing and ah-ing about whether to invest then I'd definitely recommend, as I cannot rave about this product enough. You can buy Urban Decay from Debenhams.

Emma xx


  1. I only have the original naked palette and I love it, it's so pigmented. I adore the shade Half Baked which is in the number two as well.
    I don't think I'm quite ready to purchase number two, they seem to last forever as I'm still no where near hitting pan on any of my shades.

  2. This one is just as good!
    And I know, I couldn't decide for ages whether to get it or not but I actually got it on an aeroplane coming home and it was so much cheaper than usual! :) x