Monday, 3 September 2012

Rimmel Blush in Coral Rose

I love coral toned shades, and I love rose toned shades so what could be more ideal then a blush that captures both? I quite like Rimmel Blushes, this is the second one I've tried and these tiny little blushes are quite the hidden treasure in a makeup bag. For £3.99 you can't go wrong, if you don't like it's only four quid and if you do then great! As you can tell from the pictures, mine is well loved and something of a summertime must have in my makeup bag. The colour is at it's truest in the last picture with the swatch, I'm afraid the lighting in the others makes it seem not as bright and peachy! The mixture of the two shades creates a blush thats warm peach-toned and lovely. It was perfect with a tan on holiday and now I'm back it's doing a great job at warming up my face. It's not quite a bronze shade but it's definitely not a true pink or red colour like your traditional blushes and I think this is what I like about it. The colour pay off is pretty good, it's not intense but it gives you a lovely natural looking flush. There is some shimmer in it so if you prefer a matte finish then it probably won't be for you.

The packaging is so small, it's so easy to just chuck in a bag and take around with you. However on the aesthetics of the packaging Rimmel get a thumbs down from me, I think it looks really cheap, dated and just a bit tacky! But like I have said before cheap packaging keeps the cost down and if the product inside is still the same then what does it matter! Despite the size you get 4g of product still which is fair amount. I like to apply this with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush as it distributes products easily and really helps them blend into the skin. I find the Rimmel blushes really easy to blend and the colour is great for building up to whichever intensity you prefer. If you like natural looking makeup this could definitely be for you as I find the result to be a healthy flush of colour, that adds definition and warms the face without being overwhelming or too much.

Emma xx

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