Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stila Highlighter in Kitten

This is the highlighter I currently use. I love it and I think the packaging and the product are really pretty! For a while now I've been enjoying adding a bit of a something to certain areas of my face, as I like the glowy effect it gives. I follow 'the rules' and add a lighter, often shimmery product to the high points of my face i.e. brow bone, the ridge of my nose, tops of my cheekbones, middle of my chin, cupids bow and sometimes the middle of my forehead. (From just reading this it sounds like rather a lot but if I don't want to be ultra glowy then I don't use it on all of those places at once!) I always highlight my cheek and brow bones without fail anyway because I feel it accentuates the angles of my face and adds a subtle shimmer to the skin which makes it look more healthy, glowy and radiant! No one's skin is perfectly dewy all over, and nobodies skin is perfectly matte all over either and frankly if either of those were true it would look a bit strange - less natural, so this is a good makeup trick to work with your foundation so your face doesn't look all one shade and flat.

I used to swirl together a couple of old eyeshadows from a palette I didn't use and work with that, but I have been loving this Stila highlighter in Kitten ever since I purchased it about a month ago. The compact is compact (ha) and comes in the cutest light champagney-pink circular plastic packaging which is small and easy to carry around and travel with as it's quite lightweight. You also get a mirror inside which is handy. Is it just me or does it remind you of a Polly Pocket toy? No? (Just me then!) The actual product consists of two powders one is a champagne shade and the other on the left is a very light pink. The combination of the two is useful depending on which sort of skin tone you are, warmer toned girls can opt for the champagne-gold shade and cooler toned girls can use the pink shade. As I have fairly neutral skin tone I swirl them both together and apply with a Real Techniques contour brush as I find it the perfect shape for applying a small amount of product in key areas.

I think this product is lovely if you're after a nice subtle highlight. I don't like anything too OTT with my makeup so I really like this. The pigmentation is great and the actual powders are so soft and finely milled that they don't feel heavy or as though you can feel them sitting on your skin, which can sometimes happen with powder based face products. I've also worn this as an eyeshadow a couple of times and loved how versatile it was for an easy everyday look. It was difficult to pick up on photo because it genuinely looks like a natural highlight just above my blusher. Although you might feel cheated there isn't an example of me wearing it, I think it's a good thing! If it was majorly obvious on camera that it's like -wham-I'm-wearing-highlighter- think how non-subtle it'd be in person (ew.) It's definitely something that picks up better on the face in real life!

You can get Stila from your local Boots store, this product was £15 which may borderline on too pricey but for how useable it is, it's justifiable! 

I really think Stila have made their mark in the beauty industry and are fast becoming a brand I want to try more from such as the cream blushes, the foundations and the smudge pots! What do you think?

Emma xx

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