Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I Bought a Lip Butter - New Shade

This is big news. I have been deliberately not falling to the hands of Revlon for some time. The hype surrounding them was massive, it was ridiculous. It made me think 'I'll never buy one of those darned Lip Butters' purely because of how over excited everyone else seemed to be. I didn't think these products would be amazing - I like a bit more pigment and colour pay off for my money - y'know? And although the packaging isn't a car-crash as some drugstore items can be, they still look a little cheap to me. I did have a nosey on a few occasions and just decided that none of the shades were that great either, most are a bit 'bleh' and forgettable.

It's forgivable though because after all that 'I am not buying a Lip Butter' fuss, I was pleasantly surprised. My friend says the Watermelon one is nice? And maybe I'll come round to the sheeny red of Candy Apple one day soon as swatches of this and Peach Parfait may have just converted me even more. In real life neither of these shades looked nice to me, but you never know you may need to see them on the lips. I might be eating my words in a few days time. It's probable. 

I bought the shade Juicy Papaya after seeing a blog post about the new shade releases. Obviously I wasn't that intrigued to start with (another lip butter oh how boring) but it was the shade that really caught my eye - a gorgeous, a peachy coral shade. Sold. Like that. The formula is nice too - very moisturising. It's one of those lipsticks where you find yourself rubbing your lips together a lot because it feels that nice. They aren't sticky or too glossy - but you can definitely feel them there, especially if you build it up and wear a few coats. After a while mine seemed to be clinging to the drier patches on my lips but it wasn't a big deal as they weren't making my lips any drier, it actually felt like it was keeping my pout all nice and hydrated which is always good. If you haven't been living under a rock (lets hope most people) you will know the lo-down pigment wise as Lip Butters provide just a sheen of colour that is fairly buildable (well it must be considering some of the swatches I've seen - do these girls just enjoy wasting half their lipsticks?) Lip Butters are good for days where fuss free makeup is welcome as you can just whack it on and trust your lips have some colour plus a lot of shine and moisture - a very unsuspecting winner in my books. Wearing this shade doesn't look like I'm wearing a full-on high maintenance lipstick, it's easy going and doesn't make you feel as though you're wearing too much colour. They aren't the most long lasting lip products though, by a long shot. On me they last just a couple of hours and thats with no drinking/eating but a lot of talking!

So I'm a convert. And SO late to this bandwagon but consider it 'jumped.' I might be going back for the other shades mentioned, I might not. They are currently on 3 for 2 at Boots though and I have a coupon for £2 off Revlon products (hooray) I'm interested to try the newly launched Satin Lipstick thingies they've launched too. Oh what a world of adventure I live in.

-Emma xx


  1. Really like this shade it looks really 'juicy' if that makes sense? which matches the name juicy papaya i suppose! I've never tried the lip butters but I love the l'oreal rouge caresses which I've heard are similar X


  2. Been dying to try these! I had one a while back but lost it before even trying it!? Looks like a lovely shade on you x

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    1. I really didnt want to give in to the hype but I've been wearing this everyday since I got it! I've followed you on bloglovin :) x