Monday, 8 April 2013

NARS And God Created The Woman Palette

When God created the woman, I have a feeling he may have also created Nars, and this palette. It's practically heavenly. I try not to be too OTT in the beginning of my posts if I really like something, but I feel like shouting from the roof 'I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!' Yeah I quoted Elf, and? I posted that I wanted this the other week and a couple of weeks ago I saw it was going out of stock everywhere. Cue panic-buying and and impulsive attack of my mouse pad on the checkout button. The fact that something is limited edition just makes you want something even more - girl logic. I waited patiently for 5 days and one morning last week it arrived - cue angels singing.

Whilst some people may squirm at having to pay £40.50 for the palette, if you just think about the eyeshadows alone it works out at £6.75 a shadow. But include the fact you get a travel size shader brush and a medium size Eye Primer then you're really paying a lot less for each thing! For any justification wanted, buying this palette, or any Nars duos works out cheaper than both Mac and Urban Decay, plus you get more grams for your money. Makeup Maths at it's best. 

And God Created The Woman is a tiny palette with six different shades in. It is so compact that it's barely bigger than my bank card, yet it fits 6 x 0.03oz eyeshadows and a mirror that is actually a nice size. The shades on the top row from L to R are: Alhambra - a lovely all over lid shade, Bellisima - a matte taupe, Kalahari a pale but warm gold. And on the bottom row we have Galapagos a warm yet rich bronze brown, Coconut Grove - a matte deep chocolate brown and Night Clubbing - a black shade laced with golden shimmer. Even if you already own a couple of the shades as part of their original duo, or the singles it is so handy to have them all together in one travel friendly palette. I love that there is a combination of matte and shimmer shades as I always use a combination of the two finishes to complete any look. As far as the shimmer goes - it's what I compare everything else too. It's not glitterball, it doesn't drop down and I think in general the shimmer finish just gives a really nice sheen. I find matte shades can be dull sometimes, hence why you partner them up but when they're as creamy and rich in colour as these you're going to love them. The variation in shades is lovely too, it's easy to create a daytime look and later transform it to a more 'happy hour' friendly look. What I love about buying palettes is that the stress of matching colours together is done for you, well it limits your selection which is of course very helpful for someone as indecisive as me.

I can't decide what my favourite shade is, but I really love Galapogos, it's just that perfect warm brown/bronze shade. Alhambra is beautiful too, with my colouring it looks very pretty all over the lid blended with Bellisima for a subtle bit of definition, or it's lovely as an inner corner highlight. I love them all really, as they all bring something to the palette!

In terms of quality of formula? You can't get better than the pigmentation and buttery soft texture of a Nars shadow. Each shade is absolutely gorgeous - without even the flaw of excessive fallout there to niggle at me up on application. They're a dream to apply and so easy to blend. They stay put all day, and night and this is increased even more when paired with the Eye Prime. 

The brush was also an exciting part of the set for me as I have never owned a Nars brush before. It's so good, grabs enough product to pack the shadow onto the eyes but doesn't make the shadows powdery and messy when you pick them up. It's great for blending too as the synthetic hairs are dense yet not too structured. I already own a Eyeshadow Primer from Nars but as far as products in this category go, it's the best I've used. I know people wit oilier eyelids than mine who swear by this too - so it's prefect for everyone.

I achieved this look by using my Nars Primer first. I then applied Alhambra all over the lid, next I drew in a cut crease using a Real Techniques angled brush with Coconut Grove, just extending the line upwards from where my eyes naturally come to a point and bringing it back in slightly above the crease of my eye. I filled in the outer 'v' with the same shade before blending like crazy. I then added Galapagos on top of the outer corner to give more depth and a little more shimmer - by blending this into the centre it bridges the inner and outer corner shades together and creates a gradient of tone. Again I blended like crazy - no harsh edges - and then tight lined under the lashes with Cliniques Soft Kohl and made my lashes multiply in volume (it literally felt like I had 1000 times more lashes) and grow in length with Lancome's Hypnose.

This palette hasn't left my sight since it arrived, it's a beauty and my new favourite thing I own, it's so versatile for daytime and night time and the quality is outstanding. If you were contemplating getting it - do it. You'll thank me later! I can't wait to order more Nars products, however much my boyfriend hates me for my excessive makeup buying I won't be happy until my makeup collection is predominantly Nars, I'm openly admitting I'm in love with this brand and I don't quite think that'll be changing anytime soon! 

So will you be hunting this down anytime soon? I personally don't think there's such thing as 'I own too many neutral palettes!' 

-Emma xx


  1. This palette looks amazing and I love how you used each of the shades, this quite possibly will be my next make up purchase thanks to your post!
    Stephanie xx

    1. Aw thanks! I love it - my favourite thing I've bought ever haha. Definitely worth the pennies :) xxx

  2. I want this so badly, keep seeing people posting about it and so jealous. Hope I can still get it by pay day!


    1. Hopefully you can! Ive followed you hun, great blog! xx

  3. No no no no Emma, I did not need to see this :( Damn your eyes!