Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

1. Nars New Satin Lip Pencils - £17.50: My favourite brand have released new lip pencils and I'd love to try one. I like the shade 'Lodhi' which sounds right up my street as it's described as a 'vibrant coral' Yum.

2. Topshop Stunning Heels - £80: I've been eyeing these shoes up for too long now. I think I might get them on my next lunch break at work! I'm SO picky with shoes considering i'm extremely petite they need to be high but not too much for my small feet and when I tried them on they were so comfy. I would wear these on a night out but because they aren't too OTT and because I'm a mere 5"2 I could probably get away wih wearing them to the pub and trips out where I can dress smart casual. It was love at first sight and I just know that I would hate myself if I didn't get them, it's not often I find shoes that I like this much!

3.Laura Mercier Camouflage Concealer Duo - £26: Omg, my friend had a Mercier makeover on a trip to Nottingham the other week and I could see just how fantastic this was, it made her skin look so flawless, almost airbrushed. Need it. 

4. Michael Kors Selma - £315: This would definitely be an investment! It sucks having expensive taste, then I could just be happy with my Topshop bags. I wonder if David would be kind enough to buy this as an anniversary present? I'm guessing probably not what with moving and needing to buy a car too, but a girl can dream. I might set aside some money each month and soon enough I can buy one - it'd be a good treat to myself for something. (maybe passing my driving test - fingers crossed that isn't too far away)

5. Nars American Dream Palette - £39: I shouldn't want another Nars palette, and hell I definitely do not need one! I love my And God Created the Woman palette so much though, and it was such good value for money that this one is kind of irresistable to me now. The shades again are of the neutral variety but with a twist as you have a silver and a pink tone thrown in there. We'll see, it's not a must buy but it certainly is pretty.

6. Topshop Crepe Notch Neck Jacket - £55: I want a new jacket to wear that will be nice for spring and summer. I love my leather jacket but I fancy something lighter and more summery. This looks perfect as it's somewhere between a blazer and a jacket, I love the bright red/orange colour too after seeing it on Lily Melrose but the cream is pretty too!

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