Monday, 13 May 2013

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Since I have had this foundation from perhaps January, I decided a review was long overdue! Especially considering that this is my all time favourite foundation, from probably my all time favourite makeup brand - yes that little soft spot I have for Francois Nars' makeup line is growing everyday - I have never come across a bad or disappointing product from them.

Fistly I'll start with the packaging - simplistic yet chic in a glass bottle this is not travel friendly as it's fairly heavy. However I do think that glass packaging is expected of a premium brand, I personally think it looks instantly more expensive and generally better than anything plastic. The lid can get grubby quickly like all Nars packaging (but it's nothing Lancome's Bi-Facil couldn't sort out) When the lid is removed a smaller one is revealed, which is then unscrewed to reveal the product. Sheer Glow comes without a pump but you can buy pumps separately from Nars for £3.00 - which I need to do!

The formula of Nars Sheer Glow is just lovely. It is a water based foundation and so is quite runny in consistency. Before using the product give it a shake just to ensure it isn't separated when you apply it. The foundation has no SPF in it, which I prefer as this means it photographs in and out of flash beautifully and why it is a favourite of mine for evenings out or in flash photography situations (if you're on a night out and going to be a drunken mess, at least ensure you aren't a drunken ghostly mess with 'flashback face') The formula claims to contain powerful anti-oxidants to protect against damaging free radicals. There is also Turmeric extract included which is supposed to even the tone of the skin. As I swap and change foundations regularly I haven't noticed this specifically but that doesn't stop me loving it nonetheless and appreciating the skincare advantages!

Francois Nars himself does suggest the warmth of the fingers helps when applying this foundation and I have tried this and it does give a really nice smooth and perfected base. However for everyday use I don't tend to stray from my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and find this perfect for working it into the skin and is generally a lot less messy. 

The finish of Nars Sheer Glow isn't overly glowy, so if you are in favour of a matte finish don't rule this out. I find it isn't as glowy as foundations like YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat which gives an all over the face glow, yet when the light hits the high points of the face when you're wearing Sheer Glow it does give an almost high lighted effect which just looks really radiant and lovely rather than too glowy (which can sometimes borderline on greasy) The coverage can vary between light to medium depending on how much you apply, I think the finish is absolutely gorgeous and even if you just apply a little it makes such a difference to the skin. On me this foundation lasts a good 8 hours or so before touch ups are needed. I have the shade Deauville which is Light 4. As there isn't a Nars counter near me it was a complete guess after an hour of looking at Google swatches before I ordered. It was between Gobi and Deauville but luckily it's Deuville absolutely perfect for me as the warm yellow tone to it suits the yellow undertone to my skin really well yet it's still a pale shade.

I have four foundations that I receive compliments on almost every time I wear them, but this is the most common answer when people ask me 'what have you got on your skin?' It is my go-to foundation the majority of the time, and if I'm not wearing this then you'll most probably find me wearing Lancome's Teint Miracle or my Laura Mercier Silk Creme. It's comfortable to wear for a long period of time and I will definitely repurchase this soon, probably before I've even finished the bottle I'm using now knowing me!

If you haven't tried this yet then you need to, on my normal-ish skin it lasts well and looks nice all day so I can imagine it would work for most skin types as it sits on my drier and oilier parts well. If you're a dry skin have a good exfoliate before you apply this just to be on the safe side and an oilier skin may need a blotting powder. Nars have an extensive shade range of 20 shades so there is something for everyone. Sheer Glow retails at £30.50 but it's worth every penny (if you'd spend that much on a dress you'd wear once, why not on something for your face which you wear everyday?!)

  Overall a beautiful finish that blends flawlessly into the skin leaving smooth, radiant and healthy looking skin. Can you tell I love this foundation? My next purchase will definitely be the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to go with this, I'm expecting skin miracles!

Have you tried this foundation before?

-Emma xx


  1. I've never tried this foundation before but i've heard so many good things i really want to give it a go. Great review (:

    1. It's a really lovely foundation that you can't go wrong with :) I've followed you xx

  2. Oh Emma, I am enabled. Well done. Sarah x

  3. nice ~ you are beautiful~ so is the foundation~
    lol~ welcome to my blog~

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  4. I've heard such wonderful things about this foundation. I've been using Makeup Forever for the past while, so when that runs out I think I'm going after this one! I just started following and love your blog so far :)